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Originally Posted by Rblu-Dblu View Post
Article says what they're doing currently and what they plan to do. Doesn't really say what their line of business has been. I know they've made a few other games in the past but it seems to me they have no other line of business than the GT series. Seeing as how its been 7 years between products I dont know how their company stays afloat. Just wondering what other projects they have had in the past.
GT4 (2004/5) + extras
Tourist Trophy (2006)
GT HD (2006/7)
GT5 Prologue (2007/8)
GT PSP (2009)
GT5 (2010)

They keep afloat by selling lots of games. (numbers as of December 2010)

With less than two months of shipments included for GT5 there, it'll be interesting to see where it's up to once they update.
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