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Got the US 3D version yesterday here in Hong Kong. I also saw the trilogy set, but it seems disappointing: it's too big and too light, kinda like last year's Toy Story set. I'd probably get the French or UK one later.

Anyway, I've gone through the disc and here are my thoughts. As expected, PQ is amazing, though the tint seems to be a tad too orange in some scenes. I was very impressed by the audio too, it sounds richer and crisper than ever (dunno if it's just me, but I think I heard a very subtle "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" cue when Zazu tells the cubs they'll get married someday, I didn't notice that before).

But there's one problem that might irk people a bit... towards the end of the Mufasa's ghost scene, when Simba tries to chase after him as he disappears, the clouds are nowhere to be seen (Simba is running under a clear starry night)! I suspect this to be an error created when they were messing up the layers for the 3D conversion.

Special features are relatively skimpy (it's one disc after all), but they're reasonably good. "Pride of the Lion King" (38min) is a nice retrospective (it's even got new interviews with Tim Rice, Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane) but there was a bit too much of it devoted to the Broadway musical. As for "The Lion King: A Memoir - Don Hahn" (19min)... [EDIT] I originally said that this feature was edited from footage of "Waking Sleeping Beauty", but after looking thru WSB again I realized it wasn't exactly true. It's presented in the same style as WSB (i.e. archive footage with voiceovers) and shares some of the same archive footage/voiceovers, but there's also some never-before-seen elements like a part about original co-director George Scribner who was fired and replaced by Rob Minkoff, as well as a part about how an earthquake temporarily disrupted the production. [/EDIT] The deleted scenes (14min in total) were a joy to watch. My favorite one was "Scar Wants Nala As His Queen": pretty adult stuff for Disney, and it even ends with a reprise of "Be Prepared" (the reprise was included in the laserdisc edition but lacked the preceding scene with Scar and Nala). I still don't like the Virtual Vault though, you can play clips in full-screen now but the controls are still pretty clunky. I'd rather watch the extras on my old DVD, the PQ is even better than Virtual Vault's when upscaled. The Second Screen iPad app for The Lion King isn't out yet so I can't try that feature right now.

OK, pics...

I put my old 2003 DVDs in the BestBuy metal case
And as you can see from the inserts, there will be individual releases for the 2 Lion King sequels in 2012 in the US, and the Lady and the Tramp Blu-ray cover will likely have a vertical logo again...

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