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You're welcome guys

After watching the whole movie I still think it's a good presentation, but not stellar. It looks a little soft and detail isn't always very strong. Then again I've yet to see a David Lynch movie that looks razor-sharp. At first I thought there was no digital manipulation but after watching the much grainier deleted scenes I suspect mild DNR may have been applied to the movie. Also, the top and bottom six lines of the frame look suspicious (example from capture 10, zoom 2x):

Still, I fully agree that it's way above average for a (MGM) catalog title and I'm sure everyone will be pleased with this presentation.

I took a few more screenshots from the movie:

& 5 more from the Deleted Scenes:

Originally Posted by sugarkane View Post
Also , does anyone know if this will be region free?
The Dutch version I have is Region Free and contains Western Europe languages (French, German, Castilian Spanish, Italian, Dutch) and American languages (English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese) so it's very likely the North-American relase will be the same and Region Free too. Fox/MGM don't lock many catalog titles these days anymore.

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