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And I won't fight you on the matter either. If you just don't see the layer of grungy video noise or you think it looks like normal 35mm grain, well, that's fine. I disagree, but you'll be the happier man than I will be once your copies arrive. Do me a favor and enjoy 'em, good sir.

But I mentioned those two releases because Media Blasters and Blue Underground are using the same film lab (LVR Video & Post), who seem to be the only consistent with these noisy Italian transfers. None of BU or MB's American produced features have "grain" like their Italian films, and that falls on the lab doing the actual film transfers (though we can certainly take the label to task if we don't like the work they hired).
You talk about Lvr and i am here to answer to your question.
For your info we did not worked on hd of Beyond and Burial ground but only Zombie holocaust and all italian masters made from BU included Newyork ripper, Bird with crystal plumage, Profondo rosso,Cat at nine tails, 10th victim.......and Zombie too.
You say that grain is always in our master and not in american production.
Any negatives have different grain construction depending from format (35, 35 2 perf, 16mm) kind ( neg, interpos, interneg, cri) and speed ( from 50 asa to 500 asa) and grain is also definition .
It is completely different from noise that is electrical problem.
Yes italian old negatives have more grain than your american negs and are quite all 2 perf or 16mm .
We tried to have the best compromise of grain and definition without any artefacts that grain reducer create.
If you have any question i will replay.
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