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Originally Posted by The Truffle Shuffle View Post
I watched Minority Report (Canadian release from Dreamworks) tonight and noticed something a little annoying. Some of the swearing appears to be edited out. For instance, one line from Dr. Eddie is supposed to be "John, there's nothing quite like the experience of, say, taking a shower while a large felon with a hard-on you can't knock down with a hammer". Instead of hard-on he says "attitude", which obviously makes no sense. This isn't the only censored scene in the movie. There are at least a few.

Has anyone else noticed this on the US Paramount release? I assumed that the Canadian release would be the exact same transfer considering all the disc's specs are identical, but now I'm not so sure. I'm starting to think that Dreamworks took the movie and screwed around with it

Can anyone confirm this?
That's interesting. I just watched that scene from the DVD that was released back in 2002. The doctor also says "attitude", so if the change was made, it was made several years ago.
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