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Originally Posted by Grim Reaper View Post
i used different cars.

1) citroen c4 coupe 2.0vts '05 (400pp)
2) bmw m3 coupe chrome line (500pp)
3) lamborghini aventador lp 700-4 '11 (650pp)

car i got for winning all 3.
lvl 4 class
car: lotus elan s1 '62
color: cirrus white
type: standard
I used.......

1) Suzuki GSXR4 (?) for the 400pp
2) Audi R8 V8 (restricted) for the 500pp
3) Zonda R (restricted) for the 650pp

First 2 won by about 40 seconds, the last at Nurburgring about 12. Mainly because a Ford GT LM car started first and was miles ahead by the time my driver got into second place.
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