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Originally Posted by Dave_6 View Post
I used the Zonda LM the first time and passed for the lead on the last lap on the back straight. Raced it a 2nd time last night with the McLaren GTR race car and was in the lead halfway thru the first lap. That was using my level 32 driver M. Schumacher

I did but I'm back down to ~17.5 mil after buying a few more last night. I'm saving up for the Chaparral 2J if it ever shows up in the UCD again. I may have to wait another two weeks for the OCD to update though. I'm trying to get all the Race Cars but I know the 2J costs the most; IIRC isn't it almost 14 mil?
Yeah, That was my way of saying the OCD didn't have a whole lot this time around.

I used:

1. Mini Cooper '11 (It took 3 tries and upgraded tires to win)
2. Suzuki GSXR4
3. McLaren F1

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