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The Blu-ray transfer faithfully represents the theatrical exhibition of the film, which is to say it is all over the place. The digital photography is so inconsistent that, literally within the same scene, you’ll cut from a super clear image to a grainy underlit reaction shot full of digital noise, to all sorts of other permutations of grain, noise, light quality and seemingly rushed, sloppy photography. Close-ups of Chuck Norris literally look like pixelated YouTube video.

Embarrassing comes to mind, this transfer littered with DVD era compression at a time when AVC encodes can be completely invisible. Source film grain is fine – preferred even – but when handled in this egregious manner, there’s no excuse possible. It jumps from being overly perky in one scene, smashed into a digital corner the next, and then can completely disappear within one edit. Inconsistent doesn’t work. Appallingly messy is better.
This is a $90 million dollar production, and it’s bested in almost every regard by independent films with off the shelf equipment. There’s no gloss, no energy, and no detail. Pathetic.
The blu-ray is an accurate presentation of s*itty looking movie. Hence, 4,5 stars for PQ on's reivew, but even being 4,5/5 it still looks like s*it. But not in every shot:
but then again...


I think that Ex2 PQ-wise looks similar to Out for Justice (1991) just take a look:
(of course Ex has better encode, but I'm talking about overall feeling here)

Couldn't they make it similar to some good looking movies from that era instead of giving us FUp PQ?

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