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Heyzeus Christo! 35 frickin' emails about posts here! You leave for a few minutes & ya can't catch up ...

Anyway, I would always sneer when I saw those lame, loser posts asking "Which version do I want!" But now ... I went down to Wal-Mart at midnight and scored a Cowl Edition (#2,178) and a Trilogy. I only got the Cowl for a gift or to sell or whatever. The Trilogy I picked up as a "safety copy".

The next day I called Target (I just wanted to look at The DigiBook, I only wanted the Trilogy). Well, I ran into a Dept. Mgr. who swore they had no such thing and didn't even know what a DigiBook was. The website was no help so I spent over an hour on the phone with corporate trying to let them know about the store and web site (unlisted product) problems. After seeing other posts about clueless stores, I called back to the local and spoke to the manager in charge. He was very apologetic and said to come see him and he'd take care of me - which he did by giving me 20% off the sale price and a $10 gift card to boot (so I got the DigiBook for $10 ). After that, I bought The Trilogy at BB (matching Wal-Mart + 5% RZ) and returned W-M's Trilogy.

So, here I am with three versions of a movie I only wanted one version of! I'm not even tempted to open the Cowl, but I'd really like to see the DigiBook "in the flesh" so to speak (seen the video). Since I really want to watch the movie NOW, I'll probably crack open The Trilogy and sell/return the other two. Moral of the Story : watch what you sneer at, it just might be you next time.
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