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They make "center" channels because that's what the market expects. People don't perceive that a different configuration would perform better if it better matched the L/R channels. Simply look to your L/R speakers for what sounds better; no company makes horizontal L/R speakers because their horizontal dispersion will suffer. A line of drivers is ideally vertical. A simple bookshelf configuration, matched identically across the front will always perform better than some mismatched horizontal thing in the most critical channel.

Of course, in perspective they aren't "terrible." As with any hobby, small differences are focused on and can become overstated. All the article discusses is what is better. If you can afford some height to your center channel, it will perform better maintaining the vertical orientation and matching of your L/R. Just because a manufacture slaps "center" on a box that looks like what the customer expects, does not mean it matches. Somewhat, yeah. Identically, no way. The mastering studios do not use some horizontally aligned, non-identical thing. It's simply not best practice. The degree to which you compromise beyond that is your own choice.

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