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Default Your top 8 Playstation 2013 Predictions!

I think it would be great for everyone to say their top 8 2013 predictions for Sony. we will have a close off date of January 30th. We will come back at the end of the year and see who had the best predictions!

1. New console announced and named Playstation 4.
2. New Playstation will launch at $400.00 price point
3. New System will have 500gb hard drive or higher.
4. Uncharted 4 announced, but wont be a launch title.
5. GTA 5 will have speciali DLC for PS3.
6. Sony announces DLC for The last of Us and Sony all stars.
7 Sucker Punch announces a new game unrelated to inFamous.
8 PSN will not be free on the next system.
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