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Originally Posted by Snicket View Post
My top:

1. Sony's next is not called the PS4. "Sony Playstation 4" is too long a title, and having the 4 at the end may intimidate new costumers. Also, isn't the number 4 associated with death in Japan?

Lyrics from a Morphine tune "the number 4 means nothin to me but the number 4 means death in chinese, 7's lucky in japan, here we don't give a damn" RIP Mark Sandman
Um... So, according to you ''Sony Playstation 3'' is not too long, but ''Sony Playstation 4'' is? Sony Playstation 4 is even shorter than Sony Playstation 3
(three and four, three has 5 letters, four has 4 letters).

So I don't think the length of the title will be a problem for Sony...
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