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Originally Posted by The Mad Kiwi View Post
I haven't detected any instances of the characters weaving due to a frozen background, either.

And we can't use cels as a reference due to the slight changes in tone of the color palette via the Technicolor process (hence why Alice's hair looks greenish in cels). From the articles of read I've read on Sleeping Beauty and Dumbo's restorations, the restoration team digs out the surviving cels from the Disney Vault and photographs them using a type of Technicolor camera to get a better idea of what the final result should be.
For weaving characters over a rock still background, look closely at Bambi. It's more noticeable on the early features because there was a tiny bit of weave in the gate combined with a tiny bit of shrinkage of the nitrate film stock combined with a tiny bit of shrinkage of the cels themselves as they were photographed. They do a pin registered transfer and digital stabilization, but these three factors at once makes complete stabilization impossible. After they recomposite the characters over a video freeze of the background, the shimmy is much more noticeable. People who have never seen the films on film before might attribute it to error in inking, but it never looked like that before the restoration prcess. You can see how when you split character and background and then recombine them, it would be unavoidable though.

The claims Disney makes about color accuracy are hogwash. They recolor these films deliberately to make them appear to be in line with the modern features. They don't want the films to look the way they did, they want them to look brand new. This is a conscious decision, and I'm told that this instruction comes from the top.

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