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Jerry Beck

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JERRY BECK claimed those 2 would be included and being restored also, JERRY BECK has lost all credibility..........
Well, I hope not.

Until a week ago, as far as I knew, MOUSE CLEANING and CASANOVA CAT were to be included in the set. They were indeed restored. The liner notes were written. I have only spoken the truth as I knew it all along.

One thing I have learned throughout the years is that nothing is certain until the set actually comes out. Changes are routinely made in programming on these cartoon collections until the last moment. This is why it is difficult for me to talk about what is coming out in advance. These collections are a constant work-in-progress.

Plus, as a freelance consultant to WHV I'm bound to non-disclousure terms which legally forbid me to discuss this information. I'll probably get in trouble for posting here.

That said, I'm in as much shock as you about these omissions from the Tom & Jerry Golden Collection Vol. 2. I have done what I can on my end - now its your turn. Let your voices be heard on forums, on amazon, on facebook.

It may not be too late...
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