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Originally Posted by Dubstar View Post
I'm pretty sure, I read somewhere that the 'Raiders' bluray mix implemented the baby boom bass (70mm/6-track) sound elements. Since the 80's 6-track mixes were split surrounds, it makes perfect logical sense that the DVD (and blurays) used them for the 5.1 home video mixes.
There weren't that many 70mm split surround films. I'm pretty sure this list is complete for U.S. released films. As you can see, many of these films sucked, which didn't help the format:
Superman (experimentally in a few scenes - 1 or 2 prints only)
Apocalypse Now
The Jazz Singer
Superman II
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Return to Oz
The Black Cauldron
Top Gun
Lawrence of Arabia (1989 re-release) (maybe)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (maybe)
Dick Tracy
Days of Thunder (maybe)
Terminator 2
Star Trek VI
Shining Through
Alien 3 (maybe)
Baraka (maybe)

And don't think that what makes sense to us is what a studio uses. If they used a 35mm source for the picture, it's highly doubtful that they used the 70mm mag mix because there were frequently differences between the 35mm and 70mm cuts and everything would have to rematched. In many cases, DVD/BD releases are using prints and not source materials, either because the source is damaged or because they no longer exist.
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