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Originally Posted by DangeRuss View Post
Good Morning buddy ........

Dude....... I checked out the flicks and they are stunning to say the least . Is your complete library loaded ?
Yeah, my entire DVD/Blu-ray collection is loaded in the Sony changers. My DVD collection which presently is just north of 2,100 discs resides within 6 Sony DVP-CX985V DVD Changers which are pictured in my gallery as well. The DVD changers are located in a small closet in the same room as my Blu-ray changers. All 6 DVD changers fit perfectly on a standard A/V cart, 2 changers per shelf. Only using the Blu-ray changers with my Blu-ray collection right now which spans across the first 2 Blu-ray changers. Have only been collecting Blu-ray discs for the past couple years. Now that I have all 6 Blu-ray changers setup to be used I plan to start purchasing more Blu-ray titles. My original plan when purchasing the 6 Blu-ray changers was actually to replace my DVD changers with them and I may still do that. As Sony discontinued the changers they sell I decided to just keep my DVD changers in place for now only using the Blu-ray changers with my Blu-ray collection.

As far as browsing my DVD/Blu-ray collection, I created an activity called "DVD Juke" years ago when purchasing my first Pronto remote that allows for browsing my collection by any one of 24 genres/categories by cover image, then initiating playback of a given disc. When selecting a particular disc the remote ensures all the needed equipment is powered on and set to their proper source selects, then loading the disc from the particular changer. Loading pages are displayed on the remote while all of this takes place. Just as the selected disc starts to play the remote then takes me to the activity for controlling the particular changer. Screenshots of my "DVD Juke" activity provided below to give you a better idea. For a more comprehensive look feel free to hit up this thread over at Remote Central.

The "Activities" page...
The "DVD Juke" activity is accessed from the "Activities" page shown below.

Entering the "DVD Juke" activity...
When entering the "DVD Juke" activity you are taken to the "Menu" page. From the "Menu" page one can browse my entire DVD/Blu-ray collection by any one of 24 genres/categories. Presently my Blu-ray collection is listed only under the "Blu-ray" category".

The "Index" page...
Once selecting a genre/category you are taken to the "Index" page which provides for jumping to the titles starting with a particular letter. The "Index" page as well as the "Menu" page can be accessed at any time throughout the "DVD Juke" activity via the firm keys or Menu and Guide hard buttons.

Making a selection...
Titles are displayed alphabetically by cover image, 8 per page. Throughout the activity you can touch the screen to navigate and make your selection or use the directional pad/scroll wheel and OK hard buttons instead if you want.

Confirming your selection..
When selecting a title you are taken to it's "Disc Confirmation" page. If the title you select contains more than one disc to choose from you are instead taken to a page or series of pages allowing you to browse and select a particular disc from the title. In the below example I had selected the title, "Flight". Tapping the cover image or pressing the OK hard button at this point would initiate playback of the title.

The feature presentation is about to begin...
Once confirming your selection from the "Disc Confirmation" page the remote displays loading pages as it prepares the system to load and play the selected disc.

On with the show!
As the disc finishes loading and starts to play the last of the loading pages is displayed, then taking you to the activity for controlling the particular changer. Alternatively a settings option is available allowing for the lights to ramp all the way down just as you are taken to the changer activity.

Controlling the changer...
From here obviously you have complete control of the particular changer the selected disc is playing from. Should note as well that I've built lighting options into the "Play", "Stop" and "Pause" functions. When enabled pressing "Play" not only starts or resumes playback, but also ramps the lights all the way down. Pressing "Pause" will pause playback and raise the lighting level just enough that you can see where you are going. Pressing "Stop" will stop playback, then raising the lighting level significantly higher instead. Will mention as well that throughout my configuration file I use the "Power" hard button in the upper left corner as the "Home" button per returning to the "Activities" page. The soft button in the upper left corner acts as the "Home" button as well. This in turn frees up the actual "Home" hard button over to the right for more commonly used tasks as it's positioned over next to the "Menu" and "Guide" hard buttons. In the case of the changer activity shown below the "Home" hard button is used to return to my "DVD Juke" activity. It serves two functions actually. On a normal/short press you'll be taken to the "DVD Juke" activity. On a long/extended press you'll hear a short tone, then be taken to my HTPC activity instead per browsing my Blu-ray collection via My Movies for WMC7 which I eventually plan to use with my DVD collection as well.

Manually selecting a changer activity...
From the "Activities" page the "DVD Changers" activity provides direct access to each changer activity. In fact, I've programmed the remote to remember the last changer activity that was in use, so that you don't have to remember that yourself. Comes in very handy as one might leave a particular changer activity planning to return to it later on to finish watching something. Why have to remember which changer that last disc you were watching happened to be in when the remote can remember that for you!

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