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Watching the Blancpain Endurance from Silverstone, in the last hour now. The Nissan Academy cars have been up in the front of the grid. One of the them had to do a stop and go because they didn't respect the yellow and one of the announcers joked about what did the race director do in the video game when you didn't respect the yellow, and also mused if they had yellow flags in video games and the other said you'd have the virtual race director mad at you, lol. Its on Ustream. But if you want to watch it from the US you need the Expat Shield VPN software, its free. The 2nd and 3rd cars are R8s with Battlefield 4 liverys. All this, to me, means that GT6 needs to be more real with yellow flags, penalties that are realistic like drive throughs and custom liverys.
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