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Ok guys, a few days I ago emailed StudioCanal about the messed up numbering and here is their response:

Dear Andy,

Thank you for your email. We apologise for the confusion caused by the numbering system. To clarify:

Initially we released the Ghibli titles on DVD, numbering them in release order. We then began to release the Blu-ray doubleplays, numbering these release chronologically rather than against the previous DVD numbers.

We found this system was unfavourable to collectors and have since been implementing changes to the artworks for the previously released Blu-rays, correcting the numbers to match the DVD releases, in line with the wants of our customers.

Kiki’s Delivery Service has been released as number 5 to match the DVD release, but we are yet to finalise the revisions to the previous Blu-ray sleeves, which is why there may be some temporary overlap.

Rest assured, a replacement scheme will be going live soon, whereby new matching artwork will be available for the previous Blu-ray releases that do not match the DVD release, in place of existing incorrect Blu-ray artwork.

These titles will be:
Whisper of the Heart
My Neighbours the Yamadas


So yeah, you'll get to replace them.
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