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Originally Posted by manicsounds View Post
Only for "Whisper"? What about the other titles?
Here's the email they replied to me:

Dear Damian,

When we initially released the Blu-ray Doubleplays we began the numbering process again. However, we found that fans of Ghibli were overwhelmingly in support of the numbers matching those of the original DVD number. We have since moved to this policy, but there has been some cross over, such as with Kiki and Whispers. We are correcting the artworks for Whisper of the Heart, Laputa, Arrietty and My Neighbours the Yamadas, so that the numbers match the DVDs, eradicating the issue. The replacement scheme is currently underway, however it may still take some months for it to be live, as the new artwork needs to be printed and sent to our offices ready for the replacements to begin.

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to correct the number of the Arrietty Collector’s Edition as this is out of print.

Nausicaa is also not currently schedule to have a cardboard o-ring created.

We are planning to continue with the Ghibli doubleplay releases, but unfortunately we cannot give further information on these releases at this current moment in time.

We appreciate your patience whilst we resolve this matter. In the meantime, please feel free to reply with your address and which artworks you would like replacing and we will add this to our database. The artworks will be sent out as soon as we have them here.



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