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Originally Posted by Lnds500 View Post
I just watched the blu ray and although I'm only half way through, I just had to point out a few things.

1. The "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" always appeared when we see those corals or whatever but now it's when we see the little fish from afar swimming away from the ship.

2. After the shark scene, when we see Ariel and Flounder swimming up to see Scuttle, it used to fade into the very first image of Scuttle, but now it just cuts to him without fading out.

And, brace yourselves for the next one...

Remember when Ariel reaches her hand out at the end of Part of Your World? Then we see her from afar under a beam of light, and then we see Flounder sighing... Now it's the other way around. We first see Flounder and then Ariel is under the light. And it looks awfully weird because then it cuts right to Ariel sitting on the rock singing the last "".

Thank you SO much for these examples to support your claims. Can we get the third one with sound? Can you upload that ONE small section to youtube and post it's link here for us to HEAR how it's changed as well? Please?
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