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Hello again everyone... and especially Ken!

After reading your Winnie the Pooh review, I would like to say a few things.
First of all, thanks for the excellent review! I read a few things I didn't know yet, for example the effect the DNR had on the live action scene.
But in the end, I think you are a bit harsh on this one and... a lot too mild on Robin Hood.

As an example I made two mini comparisons for Winnie and Robin, based on the screenshots taken by "our" Lnds500!

First The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Left the DVD - Right the BD:

While I agree that at first, the brightness seems a bit much on the BD, I really can't find any details that are truly lost. Some bright blues are a bit lighter and some greens go a bit to the yellow side, but all surrounding shades are still there, even when some are a bit closer to each other. Quite a few others are actually even further apart and easier to see than before... Look for example at the:

- grass on the left of Christopher Robin's head;
- or the snow on the branches of the right tree.

And when it comes to what the light effect was supposed to be... No matter how difficult "should be" discussions are... When I ask myself whether or not colors and contrast are right, I often imagine to scene and its weather conditions. Both scenes are clearly "shot" with bright sunshine, judging by the shadows. But only the BD shots look sunny. The old ones look like there is bad weather coming in...
And then there was the DNR. While apparently, unfortunately, the live action scene was harmed a bit, no damage whatsoever has been done to the animation. All line detail is there and everything is perfectly sharp, no fuzziness at all! I guess they mastered the DNR process perfectly this time, but of course it is aimed at animation, so logically it has not been optimized for live action. A small price to pay, I would say.
One last note about the AR: while everyone here (could) know I really don't like it when they take away parts of the artistic animation, I must say they have done a good job on this one. Almost no shot looks bad, except for one or two. And as both shots above clearly show, they have done it on a scene per scene basis, as they should.

But now Robin Hood, again Left the DVD - Right the BD:

I'm not sure if I even need to say anything here... Look at the loss of detail in the grass on the BD. Look at the fuzziness of every single line. Look at the loss of detail and shades on the trees. Look at the odd color shift of Marian's robe: once it had four different shades of pink and purple. Now it looks greyish and the robe itself has the same color as her eyes, whereas before they were far far apart. The wanted poster looked like old paper with sharp printing on it. Now it looks flat and out of focus. Not to mention the DNR effect on the wood structure and the loss of contrast in the closet.

I could go on and on, but I won't...
Just my conclusion, that clearly Winnie's restoration is A LOT better than Robin's. Don't you think so too now?...
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