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How to fix PS4′s inconsistent YouTube playback in one easy step

A lot of PS4 early adopters were displeased to hear that there wouldn’t be an official YouTube app for the system at launch. In addition to this, PS4 users have been voicing their complaints about how the system doesn’t consistently play YouTube videos through the console’s web browser. Thankfully there is a simple fix for the shoddy consistency of YouTube playback on PS4.

The system’s browser will play most embedded YouTube videos fine but when it comes to viewing videos directly from YouTube it often tells you that you need to update your flash player. Don’t worry about this at all, simply click right here on your PS4 web browser (if you’re using it to read this) and enable HTML5 playback. For people not viewing this post on a PS4 the link you want to go to when you get to your PS4 is

After you do this on the PS4′s web browser most videos should play on YouTube since they’ll be playing through HTML5 and not requiring flash.

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