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Default I'm in a bit of a pickle regarding center channel placement

Originally Posted by Big Daddy View Post
Chris Seymour of Audioholics performed a series of tests on common M-T-M speakers. He placed the speakers horizontally and vertically and measurements of their on-axis and off-axis frequency performance. He reached the conclusion that almost all of them perform better in vertical orientation. Even a relatively inexpensive 2-way bookshelf speaker had better off-axis results than most center channel speakers. Here is a short summary.
Hi Big Daddy,

My center speaker mounted vertically will not be an option for me

I planned on mounting the center on a pedestal/riser and using rubber feet to angle the tweeter to ear level. That's the best I can do with my room constraints.

I could put the tv on top of the center, but then I would need to look up just to see the video.

Any suggestions fellas?
( the flat panel weighs 90lbs and cannot be mounted on the wall behind my rig. )
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