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Default How to record a voice over for your saved gameplay videos

From GAF, some people may not have known about this feature.

I've seen a couple of people complain that you can only do voice commentary on PS4 while streaming. This may be a known feature that few don't know bout so I wanted to share it. You can actually record your gameplay to the HDD with your own voice commentary without having to stream.

Hit the share button twice to start recording, then hit it once to stop and bring up the share screen. Hit the options button and then go to share settings. Once there go to Video Clip settings and then check off "Include Microphone audio on video clip". Then go back to your game and double tap the share button to start recording up to 15 mins at a time (as everyone knows that's the limit) and it will record your game along with your vo commentary. It's a nice work around since HDCP protection is still on. You can then upload to FB and download the HD clip and upload to YouTube or edit in any video program you have. It's an awesome way to make Let's Play vids without having to add commentary later on.

Hope this has hoped someone out there. I wish Sony would let people know that you can do all of this stuff, it was news to me.

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