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I have come across this and the other thread and noticed a lot of uncertainty among people what to do. The key question being: are the titles legally licensed and distributed or not.

On at the very least one of the titles this "distributor" has issued in Italy I can say with absolute certainty that it was NOT legally obtained by licensing it from the rights owner: and that would be Fritz Lang's "M". As some of you may know, TLEFilms restored the film in 2010/2011.
The Italian (bootleg) BD, however, was made based on a rip of the (earlier issued) Eureka/MoC Blu-ray disc released in the U.K. early 2010, with the credits of the 2001 photochemical restoration cut off. With regard to the other titles I also very highly doubt that it is in any way different, since almost all are under copyright. Since none of the money goes into the investment of preserving these films, it would be great if would-be buyers think hard before even considering a purchase from these dubious sources.

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