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So here it is folks:

Somebody asked Subkultur at their forums ( about their release of Scanners and why it looks so radically different from the criterion release.

What they basically said was: They licensed a protection master* from MGM and also had a german release-print (which they did not use, except for reference). Since both were very similar they decided to go with MGM master. I guess no other company worldwide has used this specific master before or after. They also said, that Mr. Cronenberg did not want to give an interview for the film (he said something like, everything he wanted to say about this movie he did a long ago). So they can't tell if what they got is "true" to the directors intentions. But they decided to go with the MGM master since it was very close to their release print. They also provided screenshots of the 35mm print they had!

35mm Print (untempered, raw scan):

Subkultur Blu-ray:

*PROTECTION MASTER: General term for a master copy made as a long term protection or insurance against loss, damage or fading of the original.
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