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Originally Posted by willbfree View Post
Some of that "color alteration" is just shifting the color away from how video tended to reproduce color back in the day.

In that shot a few posts back, the purple sky outside school, the Cheerios-commercial yellow skin - that may just be never-twice-the-same-color doing its thing. Sure, some golden light is nice, but it shouldn't be excessive.
I know, I imagine the colors on the original negative are not as yellow as they are on the dvds. But it shouldn't look very different either (look at the other shows like X-Files).

I guess the best way to show people this remaster is really bad is to compare it with other 90's shows in HD.

Here, you can see that the colors are a lot more natural on these remasters, no crazy contrast and no DNR :

Now look at Buffy :

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