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I've taken the Criterion info out of the OP since it appears that iceman wants a Master Thread of Defective Discs.

I'm reposting the info here and will link to it in the OP.


Credit to Deep, Brent L., Partyslammer, and many others for their information.

The affected date range is approx April 2009 to May 2010. Some are bronzing. Some are peeling.

According to the alphanumeric codes on the discs, it appears that most of the bad discs were manufactured by Sonopress (aka Arvato Digital Services). Look for IFPI Mould codes 10K6 or 10K7. If you don't see those codes, look for IFPI codes starting with L0** or LB**.

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The discs become unplayable at different times. Some won't load at all. Some will load the main menu but nothing else. If a movie plays, it may fail anytime between 45 and 75 minutes (at the layer change). Specifically with Stagecoach, the movie might be problem-free, but the Bucking Broadway special feature skips or freezes.

10/01 update from Brent L. (Criterion is aware of the issue. They need to handle Eraserhead first before handling previous releases.):

10/03 update from No Name (Criterion has acknowledged seven movies that can fall prey to bronzing.):

10/03 update from Criterion:


Bigger Than Life (rare) -- bronzing

Che Parts 1 & 2 (rare) -- bronzing

A Christmas Tale (infrequent) -- peeling
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Days of Heaven (common) -- bronzing

8 1/2 (rare) -- bronzing

For All Mankind (rare) -- bronzing

Gomorrah (rare) -- peeling

Howards End (OOP) (infrequent) -- bronzing

In the Realm of the Senses (infrequent) -- bronzing

Kagemusha (infrequent) -- bronzing

Lola Montes

M (common) -- bronzing

Monsoon Wedding (rare) -- bronzing

Monterey Pop (rare) -- bronzing

A Night to Remember (rare) -- peeling

Paris, Texas (infrequent) -- bronzing

Pierrot le fou (OOP) (infrequent) -- bronzing and/or peeling


Ride With the Devil (rare) -- bronzing

The Seventh Seal (rare) -- bronzing and/or peeling

Stagecoach (common) -- bronzing and/or peeling
(check the Bucking Broadway special feature)
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Summer Hours (common) -- bronzing

Vivre Sa Vie (infrequent) -- bronzing

Walkabout (common) -- bronzing

Yojimbo/Sanjuro (infrequent) -- bronzing
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Here's a list of all titles that were released at the same time as the above:

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