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Default Family Sharing clubs

Hey potential homies,

We have US accounts and have now filled all member spots for our U.S. Family group.
I also have an Australian Family group with my mate Tony and his daughter and are looking to fill the 3 spots available.

Official description:

The ins and outs, and how to:


1. Share pooled purchases.
2. Music is permanent if downloaded, not DRM locked.
3. Movies are the prime rental item, as in you borrow until member leaves.
4. Overlapping items are fine as existing and permanent.
5. Reduce ongoing duplicate purchases by as much as 5 times.
6. Co-ordinate via shared calendar intended purchases, wish list and specials.
7. Commit to at least 1 purchase a month, as in your treat or shout for the group.
8. What you bring to the table gives you more bye rights, as in those with smaller collections should shout or treat more to balance the put in.
9. Members intend to remain for a minimum of 6 months.
10. Post your movie (TV, iTunes Music) lists via as iCloud is required to join, and this gives potential members a basis for joining.

My Collection: - 69 currently in HD on Sheet 4.
The Australian Store has unbeatable prices for movies from Warner, Universal, Touchtone and Paramount which rarely go on sale in the US.
We can access an average of 20% off iTunes card discounts, which regularly go on sale at 25%-50% off, where the average movie purchase price is US$7.50.

Minimum requirements:

1. iCloud account
2. iOS 8 device
3. OS X Yosemite or Windows 7, and iTunes 12 for file transfers/home sharing
4. Debit card for organiser (kept to a low $5 balance for authorisations only)
5. iTunes account


1. Post and modify shared iCloud calendar with wish list items, specials, and intended purchases.
2. iMessage group messages would be an easy communication medium for iOS device and OS X users.
3. While music lists would be thorough, they would be too diverse and large, so would be just a happy bonus (with iTunes Match to merge into single library).
4. Focus on purchasing UV code titles via iTunes.

Benefits examples:

Wife wants a movie you don't want to pay for or even rent, and you're waiting for it to go on special.
I check my group purchases, and there it is.
Happy wife, not broke husband.

You already have a movie in SD and don't want to pay $9.99 for it on special just to upgrade to HD (quite a few of us in this boat thanks to Warner and Sony).

You're spending an average of $200 a month on iTunes instead of $50, and your friends are doing the same and buying the same items; now you can buy at least 3 times more for $50 when you plan and co-ordinate purchases.

You're a hopeless completist and don't want to deal with Ultraviolet, and can't wait for those titles to hit $9.99 or be part of a bundle, but your group mates already have it or intend to pick it up.

What it looks like on your device:


Please let me know if you would like to join my Australian group.
And, those who join my groups also get an Apple Store discount bonus.

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