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This version of Shivers released by Arrow is not uncut when compared to the Image Entertainment dvd release. I received my Arrow blu ray of Shivers today and compared it to the Image dvd. The sequence where Dr. Linsky (Joe Silver) is at Nicholas Tudor's aparment is shorter on the Arrow version as described in the two instances below:

Missing on the Arrow version is Dr. Linksy pushing Mr. Tudor against the refrigerator and saying "Get off me".

The scene where Mr. Tudor is shown shoving the parasites into Dr. Linsky's mouth has been shortened by about 4-5 seconds on the Arrow version. What is missing is the beginning of this scene which shows Tudor pulling the parasites off of Dr. Linsky's face and trying to put them in his own mouth. Tudor then takes the parasites from his mouth and is shown shoving them into Dr. Linsky's mouth. This missing 4-5 seconds has a big impact in my opinion, as it always stuck in my mind and really put the scene over the top.

This all came about when Shivers premiered on Netflix a few days ago before I received my Arrow blu ray. After watching it on Netflix, it seemed like something was missing in the scene with Tudor and Dr. Linsky. After a long search I found my Image Entertainment dvd of Shivers. I viewed the scene in question and my suspicions were confirmed. Since the Netflix version had the Lionsgate logo at the beginning I was concerned that the Arrow version (which I knew had the Lionsgate logo) would be the edited version also. And of course it was.

Without regard to picture quality comparisons between the Image dvd and Arrow blu ray, I feel cheated on content. I paid a lot in USD for the steelbook from Arrow and did not get the uncut version. A subsequent search on addressed the same missing seconds comparing German and Dutch VHS versions. I also checked out and it states the Arrow blu ray is uncut. I disagree and would like to know if Arrow can gain access to the cut scenes and reissue the blu ray using an exchange program for those who have already purchased it.
My original post addressed the Arrow version of Shivers missing two scenes when compared to the Image dvd release. A further comparison has revealed an approximate additional 9 seconds that are missing on the Arrow release. They are as follows:

1. 8:20 Timecode of Arrow release: Approximately 3 seconds are missing showing research scientist Hobbes' thumb sliding down the teenage girl's side and blood pouring out of her body.

2. 9:27--9:33 Timecode of Arrow release: Approximately 2 seconds are missing during the scene of Hobbes slashing his own throat. The Arrow version cuts the scene short by about 2 seconds as Hobbes is shown slashing more of his throat in the Image dvd.

3. 56:30 Timecode of Arrow release: After Roger has hit the guy with the crowbar there is a shot of the victim's bloody head on both versions. In the Image dvd the shot is slightly longer so that the crowbar is shown hitting the pavement. The Arrow version shows this shot for a fraction of a second. The Image version makes the scene last about 1 second or slightly longer than 1 second.

4. 1:14:54 Timeode of Arrow release: In my original post I missed an additional scene that had its beginning cut when Dr. Linsky is struggling with Tudor in Tudor's apartment kitchen. Before Tudor starts hitting Dr. Linsky with the wrench, the Arrow version has approximately 3 seconds missing where Dr. Linsky's bloody hands are pushing against Tudor's face.

The above amounts to about 9 seconds. Add to that the 4-5 seconds of parasites being taken off of Dr. Linsky's face and shoved back into Tudor's mouth (in my original post), plus the "Get off me" scene mentioned in my original post (which I later found out is actually an additional 4 seconds) and you have as much as 18 seconds missing from the Arrow release when compared to the Image dvd.

I also viewed the Region B Metrodome / Prism Leisure dvd version and it is the same as the uncut Image dvd version. It is interesting to note that the Image dvd cover indicates "Director's Cut".

I like Arrow Video and will continue to support them. My intent is not to cause problems for them but to find out exactly what happened and see if it can be rectified. For me, the definitive home video version of Shivers has yet to surface. It is my sincere hope that it will materialize under the banner of Arrow Video.
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