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House M.D.: The Complete Fourth Season (2007)
[Show spoiler]Disc 1: Episodes 1-5
1. Alone (9/25/07)
With his diagnostic team gone, House tries to diagnose a young woman who survived an office building collapse. With the condition getting worse, Cuddy puts pressure on House to hire a new team, but instead attempts a differential diagnosis with help from the janitor.

2. The Right Stuff (10/2/07)
House is secretly trying to treat a fighter pilot who is a candidate for NASA's astronaut training program. Her diagnosis will be the test to choose which ones of the 40 applicants are going to take the empty spots in his team.

3. 97 Seconds (10/9/07)
The candidates are now two teams of five women and five men, competing on diagnosing and treating a wheelchair-bound man. Meanwhile House does experiments on himself to test what happens after death, and Foreman, at another hospital, is treating his team in a House-like manner.

4. Guardian Angels (10/23/07)
House finds that some of his own fellowship students will do whatever it takes, when they deal with a woman who believes she can talk to the dead.

5. Mirror, Mirror (10/30/07)
House deals with a patient who mirrors the personality of anyone he meets. Meanwhile, Foreman is put in charge of overseeing the fellowship candidates.

Disc 2: Episodes 6-10
6. Whatever It Takes (11/6/07)
Based on practically no information and no medical history about a mystery patient sent by the CIA, House is using some unorthodox methods to diagnose and treat him. Meanwhile the remaining candidates are questioning Foreman's judgment.

7. Ugly (11/13/07)
A film crew and the candidates are following around House distracting him while he is trying to diagnose a teenager who suffers from a heart attack prior to a serious plastic surgery.

8. You Don't Want to Know (11/20/07)
House treats a magician but comes to believe he's faking illness to cover up his own incompetence. Meanwhile, House pits the fellows against each other in his version of an immunity challenge.

9. Games (11/27/07)
Under Cuddy's pressure to choose his team, House gives the candidates a case of a former punk rock star who is a drug user. Whoever diagnoses the patient is going to have a future as a member of House's team.

10. It's A Wonderful Lie (1/29/08)
A mother's sudden paralysis during a indoor rock-climbing incident leaves her daughter injured, and House's new team looking for a cure. Meanwhile, House organizes his new recruits' Secret Santa gift exchange... with a few twists of his own.

Disc 3: Episodes 11-14
11. Frozen (2/3/08)
House and his team have to diagnose a case at a distance when a researcher at a South Pole base is taken ill.

12. Don't Ever Change (2/5/08)
House and his team must diagnose a Jewish bride who is taken ill at her wedding. However, House is more interested in analyzing Wilson's relationship with his new girlfriend.

13. No More Mr. Nice Guy (4/28/08)
House copes with a patient whose symptoms conceal a greater problem, but spends much of his time dodging Cuddy's orders to give performance reviews, and fighting with Amber over who gets to spend more time with Wilson.

14. Living the Dream (5/5/08)
House treats a famous soap opera star when he believes the patient has a serious condition even though there's no evidence indicating that's the case. Meanwhile, Wilson and Amber have their first fight.

Disc 4: Episodes 15-16
15. House's Head (5/12/08)
A bus accident leaves House with serious head trauma and partial amnesia. He comes to believe that a patient on the bus had a life-threatening disease and struggles to recall who it was, and what they had.

16. Wilson's Heart (5/19/08)
In the aftermath of the bus accident, House struggles with his head injuries and short-term memory loss, and must remember the symptom he saw before one of their own, who was on the bus with House, dies.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "House's Head" with Creator/Executive Producer David Shore & Executive Producer Katie Jacobs
• House's Soap: Prescription Passion
• New Beginnings
• Meet the Writers
• Anatomy of a Scene: The Bus Crash
• My Favorite Episode So Far...

House M.D.: The Complete Fifth Season (2008)
[Show spoiler]Disc 1: Episodes 1-5
1. Dying Changes Everything (9/16/08)
In the aftermath of personal tragedy, Wilson resigns from the hospital... and from his friendship with House. Meanwhile, Thirteen struggles with her personal medical problems while helping treat an executive assistant with a similar personality to her own.

2. Not Cancer (9/23/08)
An organ donor's organs are responsible for the deaths of several patients, and the team work to save the last two recipients. Meanwhile, House hires a private detective to keep tabs on Wilson.

3. Adverse Events (9/30/08)
A painter's undiagnosed illness affects his work, and House and his team must look at the man's paintings to determine what's wrong with him.

4. Birthmarks (10/14/08)
While en route to his father's funeral, House must help the team with a differential diagnosis on a young Chinese girl who has collapsed under mysterious circumstances.

5. Lucky Thirteen (10/21/08)
Thirteen brings her one-night stand to the hospital after the woman has a seizure. However, the woman admits she slept with Thirteen so she could get to House and have him diagnose her condition. Meanwhile, House continues to pay Lucas to spy on Wilson.

Disc 2: Episodes 6-10
6. Joy (10/28/08)
An ailing man suffers from blackouts and sleepwalks, leading the team to wonder if his sleepwalking is a symptom, or how the man is becoming exposed to something else. When the man's daughter grows ill as well, the team must provide a diagnosis before both die. Meanwhile, Cuddy adopts a newborn but when the birth mother displays a rash, she has to make a decision between putting the mother or daughter at risk.

7. The Itch (11/11/08)
The team must treat an agoraphobic who refuses to leave his house, and have to work around Cuddy, who is less than thrilled at having hospital equipment relocated. Meanwhile, House is plagued by an itch, and Cameron and Chase have relationship issues.

8. Emancipation (11/18/08)
While Foreman takes on a pediatric case on his own, the rest of the team deals with a 16-year-old factory manager and emancipated minor who collapses at work. When Foreman's patient takes a turn for the worse, he's forced to question whether he can deal with the situation on his own, or if he needs House's help.

9. Last Resort (11/25/08)
A man takes over Cuddy's office and holds House, Thirteen, and several patients hostage. His demand? A diagnosis. The man forces Thirteen to act as a guinea pig for his treatments and House has to end the standoff before a SWAT team opens fire.

10. Let Them Eat Cake (12/2/08)
The team takes on the case of a fitness guru on an all-natural diet who collapsed while filming a video. Meanwhile, Foreman conducts Huntington's Disease drug trials and Thirteen signs on as a subject, Cuddy is forced to move into House's office, and Kutner uses House's name to run an online medical-advice website.

Disc 3: Episodes 11-15
11. Joy to the World (12/9/08)
House and his team deal with a bullied girl who collapses during her school's Christmas program. Meanwhile, Foreman and Thirteen grow closer during the Huntington's disease drug trials, House gives a patient a gift, the staff wonder who gave House a special gift, and Cuddy gets an unexpected gift.

12. Painless (1/19/09)
House and his team deal with a man living in constant pain. Meanwhile, Thirteen receives treatment by Foreman while taking part in his clinical trial on Huntington's Disease, and Cuddy tries to balance her hospital duties with her new baby.

13. Big Baby (1/26/09)
The team take on the case of a Special Education teacher who spits up blood and collapses in the middle of class. Meanwhile, Cameron finds herself taking on some of Cuddy's duties, including dealing with House, and Foreman has to make a decision concerning Thirteen's participation in the clinical trials.

14. The Greater Good (2/2/09)
A former cancer researcher collapses in the middle of a cooking class, and the team is forced to reevaluate their own lives when they learn she gave up a promising career to seek personal happiness. Meanwhile, Thirteen suffers adverse reactions from the clinical trials, and Cuddy gives House a dose of his own medicine.

15. Unfaithful (2/16/09)
House struggles with his own beliefs as he takes on a case of priest with a disturbing past who runs a shelter for homeless people and sees a vision of Jesus.

Disc 4: Episodes 16-20
16. The Softer Side (2/23/09)
A patient with both male and female DNA has the team stumped. Meanwhile, House starts acting nicely, raising Cuddy's and Wilson's suspicions that something is terribly wrong.

17. The Social Contract (3/9/09)
House and the team take on the case of Nick, a book editor who loses his inhibitions. The team realizes Nick has frontal lobe disinhibition, which causes him to speak his mind having no control over what he says and making him just like House. Meanwhile, House suspects Wilson and Taub are keeping something from him.

18. Here Kitty (3/16/09)
A nursing home worker, Morgan, fakes an illness to get House to examine a cat which can predict the death of elderly patients. House doesn't believe it... until Morgan becomes ill for real.

19. Locked In (3/30/09)
House is injured in a motorcycle accident in New York and finds himself in bed next to a patient suffering from complete paralysis. As House transfers the patient to Princeton to determine what's wrong with him, Wilson tries to find out why House was in New York.

20. Simple Explanation (4/6/09)
The team deals with an older woman who has been tending to her dying husband but is stricken down with an unknown disease that threatens to kill her before her husband. However, they must overcome their own emotions when a tragedy strikes one of their members.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "Locked In" with David Foster, Russel Friend & Garret Lerner

Disc 5: Episodes 21-24
21. Saviors (4/13/09)
Cameron postpones her vacation with Chase to take on the case of an environmentalist who collapsed in the middle of a protest. Meanwhile, House wonders why Wilson is starting a new healthy diet.

22. House Divided (4/27/09)
A deaf 14-year old wrestler suffers from hearing problems during a match, but his mother refuses to okay cochlear implants. Meanwhile, House's insomnia proves a curse... and a blessing.

23. Under My Skin (5/4/09)
While House tries to cope with his insomnia, he takes on the case of a ballerina whose skin begins to fall off after treatment following the collapse of her lungs during a rehearsal.

24. Both Sides Now (5/11/09)
House takes on a case of a patient with two different personalities as a result of having the left and right part of the brain operating independently. Meanwhile, he deals with the aftermath of his night of sex with Cuddy.

Bonus Features:
• House Meets a Milestone: The 100th Episode
• Keeping It Real: Accuracy in Writing
• Dr. Mom: Cuddy's Storyline
• Anatomy of a Teaser: House Divided
• House Guests: Casting the Show

House M.D.: The Complete Sixth Season (2009)
[Show spoiler]Disc 1: Episodes 1-4
1. Broken: Part 1 (9/21/09)
House engages in a battle of wits and wills against the attending physician in charge of his detox program. When he starts to lose, House resorts to blackmail to gain the upper hand.

2. Broken: Part 2 (9/21/09)
In the second part of the sixth season opener, Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) struggles to overcome his vicodin addiction at the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital and return to work. True to his cantankerous nature, he tries to get kicked out of the hospital by offending his fellow patients and the staff.

3. Epic Fail (9/28/09)
House returns to Princeton Plainsboro, announcing he will make big changes in his life. Meanwhile, House's team can't diagnose a new patient who's obsessed with posting each and every one of his symptoms over the Internet.

4. The Tyrant (10/5/09)
First Aired 10/5/09 Season 6 Episode 4 Rating 8.8 "Great"
House's team struggles with an African politician who falls ill and decide if they want to help him after he's charged for crimes against humanity in his country.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "Broken Part 1" with Katie Jacobs, Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner
• Commentary - "Broken Part 2" with Katie Jacobs, Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner

Disc 2: Episodes 5-9
5. Instant Karma (10/12/09)
A rich businessman brings his son, who's suffering from stomach pain, to Princeton Plainsboro, and believes he's a victim of his wealthy position and success.

6. Brave Heart (10/19/09)
A dying patient insists that he has the same disease affecting his heart that killed his father and grandfather at the age of 40. Meanwhile, House discovers that he has a hearing problem while trying to duck student rounds.

7. Known Unknowns (11/9/09)
House, Cuddy, and Wilson go to a medical conference and meet an old friend, while the team deal with a girl whose appendages have swollen but she refuses to tell them the truth about the events leading up to her illness.

8. Teamwork (11/16/09)
House is finally reinstated and takes on the case of a porn star with eye pain. Meanwhile, Chase and Cameron try to resolve their relationship issues after Chase's admission, and House tries to bring back Taub and Thirteen.

9. Ignorance is Bliss (11/23/09)
It's Thanksgiving, and the team discover they have little to be thankful for in their personal lives. Meanwhile, House takes on the illness of a brilliant physicist who has rejected his intellect to work as a courier.

Disc 3: Episodes 10-14
10. Wilson (11/30/09)
Wilson insists on treating the case of a friend and former patient, Tucker, who is suffering from paralysis of his right arm. However, he soon discovers that he can't separate his feelings from his professional attitude. Meanwhile, Cuddy tries to buy a new house.

11. The Down Low (1/11/10)
A drug dealer collapses during a sale, but refuses to reveal personal information to the team because it might incriminate him. Meanwhile, Foreman's teammates conspire to play a practical joke on him, while House and Wilson both aim their sights on an attractive new neighbor, Nora.

12. Remorse (1/25/10)
House decides to take on the case of a beautiful female executive based on her looks, and the other males on the team are equally smitten. Only Thirteen is able to remain unaffected as they try to determine the cause of the woman's illness. Meanwhile, House tries to resolve his past with a former medical school colleague he wronged.

13. Moving the Chains (2/1/10)
The team disagree on how to treat a college football player who wants to be cured in time to compete in the NFL tryouts. Meanwhile, Foreman's brother Marcus pays him a visit.

14. 5 to 9 (2/8/10)
It's a day in the life of Cuddy when she has to deal with her personal and professional life, insurance contract negotiations, a thieving pharmaceutical technician, an ailing daughter, and House and his team.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "Wilson" with Robert Sean Leonard & David Foster
• Commentary - "5 to 9" with Lisa Edelstein & Thomas L. Moran

Disc 4: Episodes 15-19
15. Private Lives (3/8/10)
The team tries to diagnose a famous blogger who insists on publishing her life on the Internet, much to the regret of her partner. Meanwhile, House and Wilson each discover secrets about each other, and Chase goes speed dating and discovers something about himself.

16. Black Hole (3/15/10)
House and team tries to diagnose a high school senior suffering from blackouts and hallucinations, and are forced to take a controversial approach. Meanwhile, Wilson attempts to furnish his new condo, and Taub brings his personal life into the workplace.

17. Lockdown (4/12/10)
Princeton Plainsboro goes on lockdown after a newborn disappears from the nursery. House is trapped with an inquisitive patient, Foreman and Taub are sealed in the records room, Wilson and Thirteen play Truth or Dare, and Chase is locked in with a familiar face.

18. Knight Fall (4/19/10)
Sir William, who dwells in a isolated community of people living in a medieval style, is stricken ill and the team must check the village for environmental factors. Thirteen is intrigued by the patient's archaic standards of honor. Meanwhile, Wilson tries to reconcile with one of his ex-wives.

19. Open and Shut (4/26/10)
The team takes on the case of a woman living in an open marriage, who is stricken ill while dating her love. Meanwhile, House decides to determine if Sam is the woman for Wilson.

Disc 5: Episodes 20-22
20. The Choice (5/3/10)
The team tries to diagnose a woman's fiancée, and she's surprised to learn the secrets that he's been keeping from her. Meanwhile, House decides to spend some musical free time with Chase and Foreman.

21. Baggage (5/10/10)
House tells Dr. Nolan about the case of a woman who had amnesia and a disease, and how he had to help solve both mysteries.

22. Help Me (5/17/10)
The team is called upon to aid a search-and-rescue operation during an emergency. House ends up staying to help a woman trapped beneath the rubble who has to choose whether she will sacrifice her imprisoned leg if she wants to live.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "Help Me" with Greg Yaitanes & Larry Collins
• A Different POV: Hugh Laurie Directs
• Before Broken: An exclusive short featuring Hugh Laurie and shot on location with no script and no plan.
Experience House's emotional journey at mayfield Psychiatric Hospital from an all-new up-close and intimate perspective.
• A New House for House
• New Faces in a New House
• Crazy Cool Episode: Epic Fail
Explore the awesome visual-effects work in the season's second episode, Epic Fail.

House M.D.: The Complete Seventh Season (2010)
[Show spoiler]Disc 1: Episodes 1-5

1. Now What? (9/20/10)
Now that they're together, House and Cuddy try to establish a normal relationship. Meanwhile, the team comes to the aid of an ailing Princeton neurosurgeon but discover that they need House's help... and House is nowhere to be found.

2. Selfish (9/27/10)
A family copes with a sick daughter and a dying son, and the team must diagnose the daughter before it's too late. Meanwhile, House deals with an elderly father and son, and tries to deal with the challenges of a workplace romance.

3. Unwritten (10/4/10)
House and his team must treat both the physical and psychological ailments of a popular children's author when she collapses just moments before attempting suicide. When the diagnosis proves difficult, House becomes motivated as he believes the answer to her problems lie within her latest novel, which he happens to be a fan of. Meanwhile, House and Cuddy go on a double date with Sam and Wilson.

4. Massage Therapy (10/11/10)
A patient is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro suffering from uncontrollable vomiting. In the process of treating her, House and the team make some unexpected discoveries about her identity and are forced to look at her medical history in order to learn the truth about her past. Meanwhile, House gives a less than friendly welcome to Chase's new hire and a visit from House's massage therapist causes trouble between House and Cuddy.

5. Unplanned Parenthood (10/18/10)
When an infant suffers breathing trouble and liver failure, House and the team must look at the medical history of the mother in order to find an answer, and ultimately land on a discovery that forces the mother to jeopardize not only her child's health but her own. Meanwhile, Taub and Foreman must find a new female doctor to fill the spot vacated by Thirteen, and House and Wilson learn a thing or two about parenting while caring for Cuddy's daughter.

Disc 2: Episodes 6-10
6. Office Politics (11/8/10)
When a campaign manager falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis in the midst of an election race, the team must look to the manager's candidate and his surprising announcement in order to solve the case. Meanwhile, Cuddy forces House to hire a new female doctor, one who has a past connection to Taub.

7. A Pox on Our House (11/15/10)
A girl is admitted to the hospital with smallpox, and the CDC institutes a lockdown. The doctor in charge forbids House's team from diagnosing, but Masters believes he has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Wilson and Sam reexamine their relationship while treating a young chemotherapy patient.

8. Small Sacrifices (11/22/10)
A patient is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after reenacting the Crucifixion. Meanwhile House and the team attend a wedding, Wilson's relationship with Sam unexpectedly changes, and Taub questions his wife's relationship with a member of her infidelity support group.

9. Larger Than Life (1/17/11)
House and the team must treat a man who collapsed after risking his life to save a stranger who fell onto the subway tracks, but it appears that there is more to this good deed than meets the eye. Meanwhile, House tries to avoid a birthday dinner with Cuddy and her mother, and Taub gains some unexpected attention and gets some help with his personal life from Martha Masters.

10. Carrot or Stick (1/24/11)
House and his team attempt to link the symptoms of a youth offender recruit and his disciplinary drillmaster. Meanwhile, House tries to help Cuddy's daughter Rachel get into a prestigious preschool, and Chase faces some personal troubles after a jilted sex partner starts pranking him.

Disc 3: Episodes 11-15
11. Family Practice (2/7/11)
When Cuddy's mother is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro and wants House off the case, House must come up with non-conventional methods to treat her. In the process he uncovers secrets which Arlene has hidden from Cuddy and her sister Julia. Meanwhile, House's methods to treat Cuddy's mother leads Masters to question her "by the book" stance on medicine, and Taub gets a second job from his ex-wife's brother that takes a toll on him.

12. You Must Remember This (2/14/11)
Masters tries to mend the rift between a patient with perfect memory and her sister, when the patient's grudge threatens her treatment. Meanwhile, House tries to help Wilson get a date but discovers that his friend already has someone, and Foreman offers to help Taub study for an upcoming medical exam.

13. Two Stories (2/21/11)
After House traumatizes a fifth-grade class with explicit medical stories during Career Day, he's sent to the principal's office and two students offer him relationship advice.

14. Recession Proof (2/28/11)
A patient is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after breaking out in a rash caused by chemical exposure at his job. In the process of treating the patient, House and the team learns the man's wife still believes he runs a lucrative real estate business. Meanwhile, Chase and Masters teach each other a lesson in relationships and Cuddy is honored with an award. However, House may not make it to the ceremony when his patient causes him to rethink his practice and his happiness.

15. Bombshells (3/7/11)
Cuddy faces sobering news that forces her to reevaluate her priorities, while a series of dreams show glimpses into her relationship with House and her life overall. Meanwhile, while House is preoccupied with Cuddy, the team treats a troubled teen whose worsening symptoms and body scars indicate that he may have more than just a physical illness.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "Bombshells" with Director Greg Yaitanes & Series Star Lisa Edelstein

Disc 4: Episodes 16-20
16. Out of the Chute (3/14/11)
The team treats a professional bull rider who is attacked by a bull. The team must determine the causes behind the patient's disappearing symptoms and seizures while taking House's advice from outside the hospital as he attends to issues unrelated to the case. Meanwhile, Masters develops a crush on the patient, and Wilson and Cuddy wonder if House is letting his breakup with Cuddy affect his professional judgment.

17. Fall From Grace (3/21/11)
A homeless man with a history of drug abuse is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro with burns and scars on his chest. Meanwhile, Cuddy reveals her guilt to Wilson about breaking up with House.

18. The Dig (4/11/11)
House's encounter with an ex-employee who's disappeared for a whole year reveals some dark secrets. Along the way they travel to a spud-gun competition so House can do battle with a younger rival. Meanwhile, the team must find a cure for a science teacher suffering from respiratory distress whose house is filled with junk, and Taub tries his hand at dating.

19. Last Temptation (4/18/11)
House and the team treat a teenage girl who collapses just before embarking on a potentially record-breaking boating trip around the world. Meanwhile, Masters must decide if she wants to continue her schooling in order to become a surgeon or accept an offer to stay on House's team permanently. When their patient refuses a life-saving treatment that will keep her from setting the record, Masters makes a shocking decision.

20. Changes (5/2/11)
The team treats a lottery winner who is stricken with partial paralysis. Meanwhile, Cuddy's mother sues the hospital, and Chase and Foreman make a bet with each other.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "The Dig" with Writers Sara Hess & David Hoselton

Disc 5: Episodes 21-23
21. The Fix (5/9/11)
Rather than deal with his current case of a missile developer, House takes a boxer under his wing after trying to win a bet with Wilson, while the team suspects that House has a different drug problem.

22. After Hours (5/16/11)
Thirteen receives a visit from her former cellmate, and soon discovers that she is using drugs again. Unwilling to send her back to jail by taking her to the hospital and risking exposure, Thirteen asks Chase for help. Meanwhile, House and Taub both receive shocking news.

23. Moving On (5/23/11)
The team takes on the case of a performance artist, but soon suspects that she is causing her own symptoms as part of a new piece of "art." Meanwhile, House makes a choice that alters his relationship with his closest friends.

Bonus Features:
• Commentary - "Moving On" with David Shore & Greg Yaitanes
• Anatomy of an Episode: Bombshells
• Thirteen Returns: Olivia Wilde comes back as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley.
• Meet Martha Masters: Introducing Amber Tamblyn's influential yet neurotic character.
• Huddy Dissected: House and Cuddy, a behind-the-scenes look at the new couple.

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