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Continued from previous post...

House M.D.: The Complete Eighth Season (2011)
[Show spoiler]Disc 1: Episodes 1-5
1. Twenty Vicodin (10/3/11)
A year has passed since House ran Wilson's car into Cuddy's living room -- and House has spent most of it in prison. Now House only has to stay out of trouble for five days to win his parole. However, events conspire against him when a mysterious ailment strikes a fellow prisoner while a gang leader wants House to procure pills for him.

2. Transplant (10/10/11)
Foreman brings House back to Princeton Plainsboro under parole to deal with an infected pair of lungs needed for a transplant patient. House is forced to work with a timid intern, the loss of his former team, Wilson's hostility, and a new set of rules to find a cure in time to save the patient.

3. Charity Case (10/17/11)
House and Park treat a patient, Benjamin, who collapsed after making a surprisingly large charity donation, and come to suspect that the altruistic behavior is a symptom of a deeper disorder. When the patient offers to donate an organ for another patient, the doctors must convince Thirteen to help them confirm whether Benjamin is in his right mind or not. Meanwhile, House cons Dr. Adams into volunteering her time as part of his team.

4. Risky Business (10/31/11)
House attempts to negotiate with a wealthy patient who is planning to relocate his labor force to China. Meanwhile, Foreman chairs Park's disciplinary hearing, while Adams assesses her own ethics when she learns of their patient's relocation plans.

5. The Confession (11/7/11)
A community leader hiding dark secrets becomes ill and confesses everything... compromising his chances of receiving proper medical treatment when he antagonizes his friends and family. Meanwhile, House becomes obsessed with convincing Taub to prove that he's the father of his two six-month-old daughters.

Disc 2: Episodes 6-10
6. Parents (11/14/11)
House and his team treat a teenage boy who requires a bone marrow transplant, and discover a disturbing family secret. Meanwhile, Taub tries to cope with the fact that his ex-wife wants to take their new daughter and move cross-country, and House schemes to get rid of his ankle monitor and go to a boxing match.

7. Dead & Buried (11/21/11)
A 14-year-old girl admitted for an allergic reaction gets increasingly worse. However, House would rather pursue the case of a deceased four-year-old and will go to any lengths to solve it... including going back to prison. Meanwhile, Park wonders why Chase is obsessed with personal grooming.

8. Perils of Paranoia (11/28/11)
The team takes on the case of a prosecutor who they initially believe is suffering from hyper-anxiety, but soon discover has paranoid delusions. Meanwhile, Chase and Taub take an interest in Foreman's social life, Park starts to get into the swing of things when House preys on her paranoia, and Wilson becomes obsessed with learning if House has a gun.

9. Better Half (1/23/12)
House and his team treat an Alzheimer's patient who flies into violent rages and throws up blood. Meanwhile, Wilson copies with a patient who claims that there is no sexual relationship in her marriage.

10. Runaways (1/30/12)
An underage runaway's symptoms grow worse after she's brought in for treatment. When the team determines that the girl needs invasive surgery, they have to find her mother, who turns out to be a former drug addict. Meanwhile, House tries to blackmail Foreman using the hospital director's affair with a married woman, and Taub tries to connect with his infant daughters.

Disc 3: Episodes 11-15
11. Nobody's Fault (2/6/12)
When one of House's team is injured during an encounter with a violent patient, Foreman's mentor Dr. Walter Cofield reviews the incident and must sort out the truth from the embellishments.

12. Chase (2/13/12)
Chase forms a bond with the team's newest patient, a cloistered nun ready to take her vows. Meanwhile, House and Taub engage in a war of pranks.

13. Man of the House (2/20/12)
While the team treats a marriage counselor whose personality seems at odd with his motivational message, House and his green-card wife Dominika try to fool Immigration.

14. Love is Blind (3/19/12)
While House and his team treat a blind man, House's mother Blythe tells her son about her new relationship.

15. Blowing the Whistle (4/2/12)
An Army veteran charged with treason is brought to the hospital for treatment, but refuses to cooperate unless the military give him and his brother information about their father. Meanwhile, Adams asks Wilson and her teammates for help when she suspects that House is concealing an illness.

Disc 4: Episodes 16-20
16. Gut Check (4/9/12)
A 22-year old minor league hockey player collapses while fighting in the rink, and ends up at the hospital. Meanwhile, House surprises Wilson with some news and Chase offers to help Park with her living arrangements.

17. We Need the Eggs (4/16/12)
While the team treats a man who cries blood, House and Dominika team up to sabotage the relationship of Emily, his favorite prostitute, so that House doesn't have to go without.

18. Body and Soul (4/23/12)
While the team treats a boy who dreams that he's being choked and can't breath for real, the doctors consider the significance of dreams. Meanwhile, Dominika and House grow closer.

19. The C-Word (4/30/12)
The team must deal with a doctor who is also the mother of their patient, a 6-year-old girl with numerous preexisting conditions on top of her current illness. Meanwhile, House and Wilson decide to take a vacation.

20. Post Mortem (5/7/12)
With House missing, the team must treat a pathologist at the hospital who trusts no one except House. To treat him, Chase and the others must convince their patient that House is still advising them.

Disc 5: Episodes 21-22
21. Holding On (5/14/12)
While the team treats a college student who suffers from nosebleeds and hears his deceased brother speaking to him, Thirteen returns to Princeton and Foreman takes a different tack with House.

22. Everybody Dies (5/21/12)
House treats a drug patient and is forced to examine his own life and confront his personal demons.

Bonus Features:
• The Doctor Directs: Behind the Scenes with Hugh Laurie.
Join Hugh Laurie on the set of House for an exclusive look at the making of a landmark episode.
• Everybody Dies: A Postmortem
The cast and crew of House reflect on the series' finale.
• House, M.D. Swan Song: A look back at the groundbreaking television phenomenon.
Thought I'd post some screenshots of the Blu-ray menus as well. The "Top Menu" does include a video that plays across the center portion of the screen, the House theme (...European version) playing in the background. Runs for about 45 seconds before starting over again. Navigation is very simple. This is my first time seeing a menu like this where only symbols are displayed on the main menu screen, i.e. non-language specific due to the release being intended for a number of different territories I presume. Very simple to navigate. A Pop-Up Menu is included as well. Should also note that the menus and video that plays in the background is the same for each disc across all seasons. The only difference in the menus from season to season is the color pallet used which matches the color scheme used by the packaging and cover art for the given season. Additionally, since BD-J is not used on these discs there's no loading time to speak of unlike the US releases of Seasons 6-8. When playing a given disc for the first time there's a short Universal intro that plays (...which can be skipped past), then the screen where you select your language followed by a copyright notice and warning message (...both of which can be skipped past) prior to getting to the Top Menu. Even with my Sony Blu-ray changers it's taking only 10 seconds or so from the moment the disc starts to spin up to get to the Top Menu and select an episode. When selecting the first episode of a given disc it's playing right out the gate as well where often times you might be forced to sit through some additional user prohibited screens first. And here's the best part, with no BD-J involved you're able to resume playback from where you left off without having to sit through the disc start-up routine all over again ( bookmark required) as has always been the case with the DVD platform. Gotta love it! That being said, screenshots of the Blu-ray menus provided below which were taken using TotalMedia Theatre 3, later versions of TMT not allowing for capturing the actual menu elements of Blu-ray menus.

House M.D.: The Complete Collection (Top Menu):
[Show spoiler]Language Selection (...prior to being taken to Top Menu):

Top Menu (Home...back to Language Selection):

Top Menu (Play All):

Top Menu (Title Selection):

Top Menu (Audio Selection):

Top Menu (Subtitle Selection):

Top Menu (Bonus Features):

House M.D.: The Complete Collection (Pop-Up Menu):
[Show spoiler]Pop-Up Menu (Return...back to Top Menu):

Pop-Up Menu (Title Selection):

Pop-Up Menu (Audio Selection):

[quote]Pop-Up Menu (Subtitle Selection):

Pop-Up Menu (Bonus Features):

Finished updating My Movies for WMC7 as well now that I own all 8 seasons on Blu-ray. For consistency I've updated the cover art I was using previously for seasons six through eight opting for the UK cover art instead. Final result shown below, the "Synopsis" of each title including the given episode guide I had worked up, disc selection calling out what episodes are on each disc. Makes for very quick work determining which disc I'd like to play, especially when using the My Movies iPad app. Was also very pleased with the backdrops (...wallpaper) I ended up going with, several of which match the UK cover art for the given season or at least the outfit and cane House was sporting on the cover art. Too much fun!

House M.D.: The Complete Collection ( seen in My Movies for WMC7)

House M.D.: The Complete First Season
[Show spoiler]

House M.D.: The Complete Second Season
[Show spoiler]

House M.D.: The Complete Third Season
[Show spoiler]

House M.D.: The Complete Fourth Season
[Show spoiler]

House M.D.: The Complete Fifth Season
[Show spoiler]

House M.D.: The Complete Sixth Season
[Show spoiler]

House M.D.: The Complete Seventh Season
[Show spoiler]

House M.D.: The Complete Eighth Season
[Show spoiler]

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