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Originally Posted by merkman View Post
Okay, so my questions...

1) Blu-Ray Changer? Really? Where and how much? And this works with Windows like the Sony DVD Changers do? That's awesome!!!

2) I too love Windows Media Center 7. I use it for TV all around my condo (3 tuner HDHomeRun installed and works great, even if CableCard isn't as popular as it used to be.) as well as my 200 discs Sony DVD Changers so I can just select a movie from the "catalog" by image and go.

I've installed TMT6, after may people suggested that was the best way to watch blu-rays on PC. But I didn't have the best luck with it. As a result, I installed Cyberlink PowerDVD 12, and as long as the Blu-Ray's don't try to run IN and OUTSIDE of MCE at the same time... that works great!

But I love your menus and stuff for House! Is that only possible because of your Blu-ray changer? I'm betting it is, but I had to ask since I've got the entire 8 season set from France and I'm really digging it!!!
In an effort to keep this thread on topic I'll send you a PM on this. :-)
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