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Exclamation Early Blu-rays that may have playback issues (Criterion, Well Go USA, etc.)

This thread was initially a thread for Criterion BDs suffering from disc rot (bronzing and/or peeling). It now covers all BDs with potential defects.

This thread is for discs that either don't work properly or have some sort of mistake. Movies in need of restoration or remastering are excluded.


Blue Underground: New York Ripper (air bubbles)

Criterion BDs: bronzing/peeling discs, replacements for some being sent out as of 11/12/2014 (; Carlos (audio problem; replacement available); Eraserhead (video error; replacement available); Three Colors: White (audio problem; replacement available)

Disney BDs: The Little Mermaid (improper video edit; Disney will replace 2D discs but not 3D discs); Pinocchio (missing dialogue; replacement available); Pirates of the Caribbean 1 (mis-framed; replacement available); The Prestige (disc simply stops working; replacement available); Unbreakable (audio issue); Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (The BD is fine, but the DVD might be Pan&Scan instead of widescreen; replacement available)

Echo Bridge: Godzilla vs. Biollante (12/04/2012 release; missing audio channel; superseded by 10/07/2014 Lionsgate release)

Fox/MGM BDs: Die Hard 2 (missing DTS-HD MA track; Fox just sent out the same bad disc as a "replacement"); Sunshine (video commentary can't be turned off; replacement available); Speed (compatibility issues with some Samsung players); West Side Story (all versions affected; opening credits are altered; replacement discs are still incorrect; Fox did not replace the DVDs in combo sets); X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut (audio problems due to branching technology; no replacement/exchange program yet; call Fox to complain)

Funimation: Afro Samurai: Resurrection (audio is supposed to be Dolby TrueHD 5.1, NOT DD 5.1; replacement program here:

HBO: The Sopranos: The Complete Series (two episodes in Season 6 have minor defects; replacements available if you contact HBO)

Image: Into the Woods -- Original Broadway Cast (audio was encoded in mono instead of stereo; Image is sending out replacements; ); The Twilight Zone Season 1 (Discs 1 and 4 may be glitchy; replacements available); The Phantom of the Opera (1925) (audio was encoded in mono instead of stero; replacement available; )

Lionsgate BDs: many early titles no longer play; The Hunger Games Best Buy Exclusive (the movie disc does not play past the layer change)

Paramount BDs: Cloverfield (bronzing); Event Horizon (disc rot;; Gladiator (defective video transfer; inactive replacement program; find a copy with a yellow barcode); Saving Private Ryan (audio sync problem; inactive replacement program; find a copy with a yellow barcode); Shine a Light (bronzing;; Star Trek TNG S1 (audio problems; inactive replacement program; find a copy with a yellow barcode); World Trade Center (disc skips during playback; possible rotting)

R&B Films: Chronos (compatibility problems with some players, including PS3; replacement offered but now superseded by IMAGE release)

Sony: Air Force One (incorrect subtitles; replacement available, but subtitles still incorrect compared to DVD versions); The Fifth Element Best Buy Pop Art Steelbook (Sony used the old disc master instead of the remastered version.); Starship Troopers (a scene is repeated; inactive replacement program); black crush on several titles between 2014 and 2015 ( )

Starz / Anchor Bay: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (stacked discs might be stuck together, rendering them unplayable)

Universal: Battlestar Galactica: The Remastered Collection and Battlestar Galactica: The Definitive Collection (missing footage on Disc 3 of the widescreen version; replacement available via; The Big Lebowski (08/16/2011) bronzing, same plant as bronzing Criterions (; Halloween II (09/13/2011 release has wrong credits; replacement offered)

Warner: Batman: The Complete TV series (various issues; replacement offered;; Blade Runner (first BD release may have incorrect Disc #5;; Enter the Dragon, 2007 first pressing, the one with A Warrior's Journey (disc no longer plays; replacement available, though you'll need to track down the two-disc DVD to get A Warrior's Journey); The Matrix Revolutions (; The Right Stuff DigiBook (audio error; replacement available;; 10,000 BC (discs might develop a hazy "mist"); Terminator 3 (early pressings were 1080i instead of 1080p)

Well Go USA BDs: bronzing discs (; Well Go USA's PDF about this issue:; Torrente has reported that Drug War might also start bronzing; Ip Man (locks up in some BD players; no replacement offered)

From Criterion

Exchanging Defective Discs

We have confirmed that certain Blu-ray discs pressed at a replication facility that we used for a period in 2010 have become defective, showing a noticeable bronze discoloration on the underside and developing playback problems. We have confirmed the problem on seven titles, though not on all copies of those titles. All of these titles have since been re-pressed at a different pressing plant, and the vast majority of discs in circulation should not be affected.

The potentially affected Blu-ray titles are:

Howards End


Monsoon Wedding

Monterey Pop

Paris, Texas

Pierrot le fou

Ride with the Devil

The Seventh Seal

Summer Hours


If you have found that your Blu-ray copy of one of these titles does not play, please send your disc to the following address for a replacement:

Jon Mulvaney
The Criterion Collection
215 Park Avenue South
5th floor
New York, NY 10003

Please include only your disc—no packaging—along with the address to which you’d like us to mail your replacement. We will not be replacing or exchanging packaging. There is no need to email us in addition.

If we learn that other titles are similarly defective, we will add them to this list and continue to replace them as well.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

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