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Originally Posted by UFAlien View Post
Out of curiosity, do any of our experts on here happen to know any of the specs on Chris Condon's StereoVision camera lens system? I'm talking about like, interaxial, F-stops, focal lengths and such.

I've been getting into 3D modeling and rendering programs and I'm trying to set up simulated versions of some of the vintage 3D camera systems. I've already got specs for Space-Vision, ArriVision and Stereo70.

If anyone has details on Optimax III, 3-Depix (spelling?), I'd take that too :P
Can't help with Optimax III or 3-Depix but when it comes to Stereovision, John A. Rupkalvis knows the answers. He was the engineer who worked on the taking and projection lenses, and Condon's best friend in the business. He also co-wrote the Stereovision manual. Put your email in a PM and I'll pass it on to him tonight. Caution: JR is all science and production business.

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