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Originally Posted by El3mental View Post

with a grain of salt. The first few seasons are great....and then it becomes endless Naraku spam. I loved the series on AS back in the day but struggled through the last 100+ episodes because the amount of god-moding for Naraku was unbearable and insane. Drunk Sango did make some of it worthwhile however.
I can understand that. I greatly enjoy the first 4 seasons, filler and all. The fillers in InuYasha are what made me fall in love with the characters. Fillers give characters time to shine and an opportunity to get to know them better. I especially enjoy the episodes where InuYasha and Kagome get to spend time in the modern era, some of which we may not have had without fillers. These are definite fan favorite episodes too. The first 54 episodes are the best of the best imo.

If you think the anime is bad, read the manga. I finally finished the manga earlier in the year and was kind of disappointed by it. The animation adds so much to the series that the manga didn't have. There was a huge lack of backgrounds, not much detail, every panel of InuYasha looked the same when performing a technique with Tessaiga, etc. The manga felt so episodic. Every chapter began with the same shot of Kagome riding on InuYasha with Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara following behind. The anime isn't much better in this regard but it never stuck out to me like this.

Massive respect and appreciation for Rumiko Takahashi but when I look at a series like Urusei Yatsura and compare it to the later volumes of InuYasha, I can't help but feel disappointed. Urusei Yatsura is extremely detailed and has a great art style., not so much. The anime shines in a big way over the manga.
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