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Originally Posted by Mykol Gantt View Post
And not doing anything with them. Hopefully Drafthouse Films will come out the winner in this.
So, since Code Red isn't doing a Blu or doing theatrical screenings, any other company should win out just because they like the film more or want to do more with it??? Hey, I don't know the legalities in this situation so we shall see who really has the rights, but if Drafthouse comes out the "winner", they'll probably lose their shirt on any Blu release of this film anyway and would be lucky to move 2,000 units. And it's not like Code Red hasn't done anything with the film. They licensed it years ago when no one else wanted it and released a relatively extras-filled DVD of the film a few years ago, which you can still buy (and apparently they lost a lot of money licensing and restoring this film). There are a lot of cult-film hipsters and cult-film revival screeners out there now that act like they are the only ones who know these films and are discovering every cult film from the past, as if they have never been seen before by anyone. And then the young hipster audiences do show up so that they can feel that they are part of this cool underground fringe appreciation society that can show up at midnight and laugh hysterically at a 30-year-old euro-horror film. And, therefore, the revival theater guys who are more hip than everyone else and want to release the movie on Blu and show it at their theater, they really should legally win, right?

I saw THE VISITOR in a practically empty theater when it first came out (doubt many people here can brag about that, as if they'd even want to, or were even born yet), and the film really sucked then, just as it does now. Probably even MORE now as it's now the LONGER original version! But now the in-hipsters that run a theater tell you it's the wackiest euro-trash flick ever that you've never seen, and the lines will go around the block and it's another instant cult classic. This whole TROLL 2 or THE APPLE rediscovery-type scenario is getting really boring these days, as the flock of 20-something lemmings show up, laugh their a***es off, and immediately christen every film from the 80's that is screened as some forgotten or lost worst movie ever.

That said, I will second and third the recommendations for Alamo's MIAMI CONNECTION blu or dvd. Definitely a cult film that needed to be rediscovered and hadn't been seen in many years. Kudos to them on that one. THE VISITOR is pretty old news, though. It just looks like they are trying to create another new "bad lost movie discovery" scenario for a movie that's been quite easy to see for decades, and directing their marketing at the same hipsters who will always eat up anything they're fed because they feel so elite that they went to a screening of THE VISITOR on a Saturday night instead of something like IRONMAN 3. Not that there's anything wrong with profiting off a small, but passionate audience - it's the American way - so all the power to them, I suppose.
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