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How do you power the NUC?
It's just a laptop type of power. I have a 3rd party cigarette lighter power supply that works with it, but our new car has a AC power plug in the back so I could just plug it in that way too. It has an SSD drive inside so that there's no moving parts for the bumps that would hurt a spinning rust drive.

EDIT: I guess also the explain further, it's running its own wifi network for the tablets to connect to, but Amazon and others have code in there to warn you that this network doesn't have internet access. At one time I circumvented that, but then it broke again so now I just connect to the wifi and acknowledge that it doesn't have internet before handing it to the kids instead of playing cat and mouse with their internet detection schemes. I also have to connect everything once before leaving the house so that it grabs a fresh certificate for Plex otherwise it'll complain about needing to talk to the server even though I have a lifetime license for Plex.

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