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Originally Posted by ManUtd View Post
Please post a lot of pics and even videos when it's all set up. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's excited to see them in action.
I am probably the most excited one. I should have some pics up by the end of today!

Originally Posted by Blu-Benny View Post
awesome work again man!!!
Thanks Benny.

Originally Posted by crazyBLUE View Post
Hurry Then

I want to
see pics !

Soon! It will not take much longer.

Originally Posted by PS3-Playb3yond View Post
Speechless! Keep the pics coming.
Everything is wired up and the dampening is in place. All I have left to do is to install the woofers and then a little clean up!

Originally Posted by besi View Post
Awesome job ! It looks more "bad ass" than the original B&W.
What will be the first demo you will listen to them ?
I don't know yet. Any suggestions?

Originally Posted by Kali157 View Post
Those look great! Cannot wait to see the finished product.
Yup! I am pretty happy

Originally Posted by v_squared123 View Post
How did you figure out which crossover parts to use? Or did you hire someone to build them for you?
Those are the original crossovers from the B&W 800D!
B&W was very kind to let me buy the crossovers and drivers. Otherwise I would have not done that build!

Thanks again B&W. YOU
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