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Default Foreign steelbooks for movies that have multiple language in the movie

I have a few Korean steelbooks. They look very nice.

However, when you actually go to watch the movie there are sometimes non English people speaking which are not subtitled.

This leaves you 2 options.

1) Have English subtitles on all the time
2) Leave them off all the time

I find this to be something of an unspoken known. Unless all of you never watch the discs held within you will have seen there is some problems here.

Some examples -

In Rush, there are English, French and Italian speaking parts in the movie. If you do not turn on English subtitles you will miss approximately 15 minutes of dialogue from the movie.

In Kill Bill, there is Japanese dialogue in the movie. You will miss about 10 minutes of dialogue if you do not turn on the subtitles.

I know its a big ask but don't you think instead of subtitles on/off it should ask your native language? I suppose it could get confusing.

All you really want subtitles for are the sections that are not "in your" native tongue. As it stands you only have the option to turn on all, or turn off all.

If a movie has known issues like this I probably would steer clear in the future. Otherwise I will just end up getting local discs. For these 2 movies its a cheap purchase so not that much of a deal but if the release was new and 4k that wouldn't be so cheap.

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