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Yet they didn’t suspend or ban you for having differing opinions? Curious as to why they felt it necessary to take action.
I want things done my way and they want things done their way. So I would say no you’re wrong to those Mods and they will say I am wrong when I am not. So I would try changing it to what I feel is correct.

Example Viz Media titles have been Distributed by Warner Brothers since April 2009 but most releases are under Viz Media not Warner Brothers because face it Viz Media is the one releasing the Blu-ray and DVD not Warner who is only Distributing them. So some Viz Media titles are incorrectly listed as Warner instead of Viz and the Mods don’t want those particular releases to be listed as Viz.

Pokémon Movies 1-3 Standard Blu-ray - Warner

Pokémon Movies 1-3 Steelbook Blu-ray - Viz Media

Also sometimes some movies have the title kind of backwards like One Piece Film Z is read as Z One Piece Film on the cover but One Piece Film Z sounds better to me.

Another disagreement is the whole putting Anime titles as Foreign as well. I feel that putting Foreign works better on Live-Action movies and shows rather than Anime because if you’re going to put it in 2 tags as Foreign Anime might as well just say Foreign Animation. So my view is that instead of using 2 category tags, just say Anime since it’s only 1 and means the same thing. I’m trying to keep it simple. Plus Foreign Anime just doesn’t make sense to me.
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