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Originally Posted by kjacobs03 View Post
How did you win with the Aventador in the 3rd race? I was in 11th after the first lap. Tried another time with the ZR1 RM and got 2nd by 24s. I'll try again tomorrow when Vadka is not telling me what to do.
I used the Zonda LM the first time and passed for the lead on the last lap on the back straight. Raced it a 2nd time last night with the McLaren GTR race car and was in the lead halfway thru the first lap. That was using my level 32 driver M. Schumacher

Originally Posted by Blu Bull View Post
You still have about 19.5 mil don't you?
I did but I'm back down to ~17.5 mil after buying a few more last night. I'm saving up for the Chaparral 2J if it ever shows up in the UCD again. I may have to wait another two weeks for the OCD to update though. I'm trying to get all the Race Cars but I know the 2J costs the most; IIRC isn't it almost 14 mil?
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