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Apr 2008

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for joining the forum. I for one am *most* interested in high quality surround albums on BD. As much as I love and continue to buy SACD, I do believe that in the long term, BD Audio is the true high-resolution surround medium for the future, if nothing more than the installed user base will grow and grow as it becomes the standard disc format.

I have pre-ordered Rachmaninov Piano Concerto's 2&3.

Are these genuine multi-channel productions, and is 7.1 a true mix or synthetically derived from a 5.1 mix?

Some great questions have already been asked, so I will throw in some more!

Are these discs 96KHz? Any plans for 192KHz?

Will they start immediately on insertion? I think that a BD music disc should do just that, with no pre-amble, and not require a display to use.

Thanks for answering my questions. Good luck with your productions!