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I was wondering if anyone was having this issue with the 3D disc when trying to play it. My sony 3D player freezes after the anti- piracy messages when I try to play the disc. I've checked my firmware and it's up to date, checked the disc for scratches, and even exchanged it at best buy and the second set does the exact same thing, in the exact place. If anyone else is experiencing this and has fixed the issue please let me know , it's extremely irritating the other discs work fine in my player by the way. Thanks!
I have the same problem exactly with a brand-new Samsung BDE5900 3D player, which has the latest firmware according to the Samsung website. (The player freezes so hard that it has to be turned off and on again just to eject the disk.)
And I have the identical issue when I try to play "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs." In both cases the 2D version (a menu choice on the same disc in the case of "Ice Age") plays fine.
Samsung customer service "Live Chat" was fairly opaque, suggested a reset, which didn't help. Their last suggestion was that I send the player in for repair, and they opened a repair ticket. I said that was odd as I'd had the player only two weeks and it played lots of other 3D movies fine. Nope. They stuck with "Have it repaired."
That required me to first complete a "troubleshooting guide" that didn't include the problem(or face a $55 charge if I didn't complete it). I gave up at that point.
I tried deleting BD data. Didn't work. FYI, the player isn't connected to the Internet, as I use my PC's VGA output to the TV for network stuff. For the hell of it I connected it; no difference.
Any thoughts anybody? Anybody with similar problem with "Ice Age?"

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