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Well I’m a bit embarrassed/infuriated. First off, my problem was the battery, as I reluctantly spent $7 on a new battery (1/4 the cost of the glasses!) and they flashed red/green until they synced, which took a few seconds.

So the first battery that I used for maybe a total of 4-5 hours of use ( and left it in, but I’m sure it was off) was dead, as was the “new” extra battery that was in the box. The troubleshooting guide says that the battery is dead if the light flashes red continuously. It didn’t. It lit up light green, dark green, red, then paused, then red, then nothing. I found nothing in hours of googling about that sequence and what it could mean. Could I have called Samsung support? Yes. But based on most of the replies I found online I don’t think that would have helped. Call it sour grapes, but whatever. Water over the bridge. I will be contacting them and see what they say. It’s useless to have something like that kill a battery, unless it was already almost dead, since the extra “new” one was DOA. Either way, it’s bad. Hopefully I can get some kind of compensation. From now on I will be going with rechargeable glasses, which I would have done in the first place except for the cost. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have gone with battery powered ones.
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