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So because i can't start a new thread i'll post here:

Hello Guys,

i own a samsung 3d tv. It is a P34D490.
I haven't used the 3d feature much except a for a few times, when the tv was new.
To make use of 3d i own a pair of SSG-3050 which used to sync perfectly with my tv.

They werent used for half a year or so, but I decided to use them again because i wanted to watch a 3d movie.

Now is where there is my problem: I can't get them to sync with my tv... they just flash green,red,green,red and turn off.
No matter what I do.. tried turning my cell phone and ps3, I tried several distances but all leads to the same ... no sync.
I even reset the tv but no luck with that either...
Could anybody help me?
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