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Originally Posted by SteamPunkCat View Post
The first released deleted scene with Wanda and Pietro needed to be in the movie. It gave both a little character development. As well as giving a logical intro to them meeting Ultron. The scene is only a 1-2 minute scene. In the movie, they just show up at the church for no reason due to that scene being cut. And the editing and/or pacing/acting during the church scene was far too brief to catch all that that scene represents.

I think the Steve and Maria extended scene should've been in there. I saw it first, then the movie, and it feels like what was cut was cut from that scene.

I can't really remember the bits that were cut from the scene of Bruce and Natasha. But I do remember she was a lot more flirtatious/forward in her trying to persuade Bruce. Which, while realistically acted, felt off. Plus, she was more in a "relationship" with Bruce/Hulk and he with her.
Yes, absolutely. Agree fully. Whoever decided to cut it...smh!
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