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Originally Posted by brettallica View Post
Dude, that thing is nuts! I have never heard of such a device. The idea of keeping an SNES console out really seems practical now (assuming you have ROMs, of course). I'm curious to see how the emulation works. I'm sure it's all done at the cartridge level.
There's plenty of videos on YouTube showing off these flash carts. I just found out about them a couple of months ago.

I have the Everdrives for N64 and Genesis, as well as the Powerpak for NES. My Super NES Everdrive apparently arrives tomorrow. They all work great, and you can't tell the difference between this or using an original cartridge. FYI, the N64 also has a NES emulator, and the Genesis has a Sega Master emulator.

A flash card for Turbographx-16 was just released, and there's a mod for 3DO coming soon, which means Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, etc will be coming too!

Here's a pic of the 3DO kit. It runs off of a laptop hard drive. No more discs/lasers/moving parts, extending the life of the console considerably.

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