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Juuuuuuuust A Bit Outside....

I just posted in a thread, and after posting posting I thought of something I do DAILY that I'm not sure is right, but may be.... (I've done it this way FOREVER)

for "A" and "AN" I've always known it's "A" Dog.... or "An" Apple for A/An before a vowel or consonant..... what I'm not sure of, is before acronyms.....

I was typing a reply, and without thought, I put "An HDTV" much like I would say "An FM station" or "An SUV" etc...... should it be "A SUV" or "A HDTV" "An" just sounds right to me.... (I might be going "A" little OCD )


Uh Oh.... found this.... but it's from "A" UK site....

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