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Originally Posted by benes View Post
This is the greatest thread ever.

I see a lot of talk about 4:4:4 content in the future. But I have another pie-in-the-sky question for you. Do you think it will ever be feasible to deliver content to the home with INTRAframe video compression? This is what is used for D-Cinema and it basically eliminates all motion compression artifacts.

I know blu-ray doesn't support this and it would take an incredible bitrate. But maybe in the future when we all have the 100Mbps fiber connections that amir is always talking about.
There's nothing magical about intra-only encoding. It can also have artifacts, but they will be spatial in nature rather than caused by motion (or more precisely, inadequate motion estimation). With either intra or inter encoding, artifacts are still a function of bitrate.

The big problem with intra-only is that artifacts can happen even during still scenes that have large spatial complexity. Because the viewer is more sensitive to this (there's no "temporal masking"), the peak bitrate has to be really high. I believe D-Cinema goes up to 250 Mbps (although it can be VBR).

As for high bitrates to the home, I'll have to say that "that's beyond the scope of this class". My gut feel about movie downloads is that too many folks believe it's the next big thing. Usually, the truly cool next big thing is less obvious.

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